Jon Buffington

Life is full of beauty, all around, in everything we do, touch and see. The natural world is an ever changing canvas for all of us to rejoice in. What I try to do is capture the moments of splendor, when everything is in perfect harmony or perfect change. When the perfect morning breaks with the first rays of light kissing the sky, that magical moment of the first dance between a bride and groom, a child's look of pure and innocent joy, the magic that happens on stage when the musicians and crowd are part of some higher level of consciousness, or when God's light touches the horizon for the last time in a day, this is what drives me to capture the moment. The moment that is gone in an instant, the moment that never was, the moment that we yearn to experience yet again, captured to rejoice in time and time again. This is what drives me as a photographer. I am based out of Manchester, Tennessee and serve all of Middle Tennessee and beyond.

-Jon Buffington
JPB Photography
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